Q: How does the contact free delivery work?
A: You place an order of at least 10 books, and we grab the books off the shelf. We email you to let you know that your books are ready. We drive to your delivery location and leave it on your front porch or at the entrance of a building and leave.

Q: Are you doing anything to limit the spread of COVID-19?
A: We check all the books with a blacklight for an extra layer of protection in addition to wiping them down. All incoming donations are quarantined for at least 96 hours. We spread out our deliveries to ensure we aren’t in contact with too many people.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of books you need to order?
A: Yes, since we deliver the books to you ourselves, you must request at least 10 books to be eligible for delivery.

Q: Do you have to be a San Antonio resident to get the books?
A: At this time, yes you must be a resident of San Antonio, Texas, or inside Bexar County. Use this map to determine if your address is in Bexar County.

Q: Are you accepting book donations right now?
A: As of July 25, 2020, we are only accepting books for kids and teens. We will update this answer if things change.

Q: Are the books really free? There’s seriously no delivery charge?
A: Yes, it’s really true, for now… Things may change if we run out of funding. We will notify you if that ever changes. If you’d like to donate, you can donate online or send us money on Cashapp at $minibookmobile.

Q: What condition are the books in?
A: Not all the books we give away are used. Some are like new and in good condition, others have torn covers and are slightly damaged.

Q: It’s been a while and I haven’t received my book order. What do I do?
A: First, please confirm that you have ordered a minimum of 10 books. If this is correct, please email library@ruthmini.com so that the librarian can investigate your order status.

Q: I received an email stating that my delivery will be here in 3 weeks. Can I add to my original order?
A: Yes, you can add books to your original order without having to wait for a separate order.

However, there are two restrictions: The delivery address must be the same as the original order. You must place the new order 3 days before your original delivery. For example, let’s say your delivery date is scheduled for September 9, 2020. The last day to add to your original order would be September 6, 2020, at 11:59 PM.

Q: Can you add a book bundle to my order?
A: Yes, when you are filling out the delivery form there is a box for notes. Please say the age, reading level, and themes that you would prefer. Please keep in mind that requests will be considered, but it is not guaranteed. If you forget or see this page after you place your order, you can email me at library@ruthmini.com to add a book bundle.