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Fade to Red by Linda Castillo


A chilling urban legend becomes a terrifying reality…

After receiving a frantic message from her estranged sister, Lindsey Metcalf travels to Seattle to find her–only to realize Traci has vanished without a trace. As Lindsey delves into her sister’s disappearance, she realizes young Traci has been leading a shocking double life. Lindsey files a missing persons report but, having had her share of run-ins with the police, Traci isn’t high on the department’s list of priorities. And the only man able to help Lindsey find the truth has his own trouble with the law…

Set to go to trial for a brutal assault charge, ex-cop turned private eye Michael Striker plays by his own rules. Facing conviction and a possible prison term, he’s got nothing left to lose–except his final two weeks of freedom. The last thing he needs is more complications–and nothing about this case, or Lindsey Metcalf, is simple.

Their search for the truth will plunge them into a seedy world darker than they ever imagined–and prove the existence of a chilling urban legend in which none of the victims survive…

ISBN: 0-425-19657-7

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