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Lanie (American Girl) by Janie Kurtz


Lanie is an “outside” girl who is stuck with an “inside” family. She longs to go camping, explore the outdoors, and have real adventures, but no one else in her family is interested. To make matters worse, Lanie’s best friend is far away and living out their dreams of becoming wildlife biologists—without her! When Lanie’s aunt comes to stay with them, Lanie finds a kindred spirit and embarks on an exciting project–planting a wild garden—but she faces competition with her younger sister Emily for their aunt’s attention. Then her aunt leaves, and Lanie again feels alone & abandoned once again. Gradually, after a blowup with her younger sister, she finds support for her interests where she least expects it–within her own family. Likewise, she discovers the beauty and wonder of nature where she didn’t expect to find it–right in her own backyard.

ISBN:  978-1-59369-682-5

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